Jazmine "Da K.O.S." Walker,  is a big fine woman from Jackson, MS. Inspired by the Kings of the South that precede her (including UGK, Beyonce, and Big KRIT), she acknowledges her own trill identities by identifying as a "King," herself.  She's a Southern Development Strategist that supports economic and reproductive justice organizations to ensure that all melanated girls, women, and femmes live in thriving, affirming, and robust communities across the South. Born, raised, and educated in Mississippi, she creates authentic, thoughtful, and comedic commentary on politics, news, culture, and movement organizing that's firmly rooted in the place she will forever call 'home.'

Follow @JAZonaMINE  as she navigates Petty Black Feminism, everyday -isms, and life's funny moments on Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram.

If pettiness is an act of resistance, Amber is a freedom fighter for petty Black Feminists everywhere. Known as the High Priestesses of Black Joy, Amber J. Phillips is a social justice organizer & digital strategist who works to advance the rights of women, young people, people of color, & low-income communities. In addition to being a Founder & Co-Director of the startup digital organizing firm BLACK, Amber is the Senior Manager of Youth Leadership & Mobilization at Advocates for Youth. She proudly serves on the Board of Directors of SisterSong: Women of Color Reproductive Justice Collective & is a writer with Echoing Ida.


You can find her on Instagram and addressing subtle racism and patriarchy on Twitter. #GivesWayTooManyFucks